Our Philosophy


LaVonne Ellis

Ellis is the founder of The Tealing + Co., a premium tea company fully owned and operated by minority women of color. Ellis first began drinking tea as a means to cope with the anxiety while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Global Supply Chain Management. Not only did the warm, soothing tea help her relax, but she quickly began to fall in love with its delicious taste. Ellis decided to dig deeper into the world of “natural tea,” and the many benefits it has for those who indulge. After much research, Ellis’ passion for tea birthed a movement.


Crafted to Move the Human Spirit

The Tealing + Co. is not your average tea company. They pride themselves on being lovers of tea who provide a platform for others to escape through a cup of fresh, enticing blends. With premium tealeaves sourced from tea farms all over the world, The Tealing + Co.’s products are crafted to move the human spirit, and dedicated to warm the soul.  Ellis and her team are committed to providing high quality, ethically sourced teas. “Sources are important. You have to be aware of what exactly you put in your body. Just like nutritional value matters, so does the health and wellbeing of its’ source. For that reason, we do not source our luxury tea from workforces under duress. We take a great deal of pride in that.”

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Our Passion 

"We’re passionate about our product, and our mission. Yes, we will ensure that the tealeaves you steep are of the best quality, but that’s not all. We are working to reintroduce the social aspect of tea back into lives. Tea represents culture. We’re going to bring that to light again, because what we represent, is authenticity. We want to organically become a part of our customers’ everyday lifestyles.” 

- LaVonne