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How to Throw a Fall Tea Party


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How to Throw a Fall Tea Party

LaVonne Ellis


Hosting a tea party is extremely fun, however, can be overwhelming. Here's our How to Guide on hosting an amazing tea party your guest won't forget this fall!

1. Give guests advanced notice

When planning a tea party, be mindful of others time. Create an invitation and send it along to your guests in at least two weeks in advance. If hosting celebratory tea, you may want to provide an invitation to guests a month in advance. If your guests are more savvy with technology, it may be more convenient for them to receive their invitation via email with tools such as paperless post or .  

2. Advise guests on attire 

When creating your invitation, be sure to add a note on attire for the tea party. Especially if your tea party is themed, such as a vintage tea party where you expect guests to wear gloves, hats and dresses. Be explicit and provide examples. 

3. Choose food options appropriately for time of day

Select food that is appropriate for the time of day you are hosting your tea. If hosting an afternoon tea, you won't have heavier food items such as a high tea that's hosted closer to dinner time. I find it that you may have to remind some guests of your afternoon tea, that is just that. So they may want to grab lunch before attending! This won't be anything you formally provide one the menu, but mentioning in conversation if they inquire.

4. Make a list before shopping for items 

I found it more effective to create a list of all the items you will need to host your tea party. From there, find out where to purchase these items. At this stage, you can start to gage where you want to spend the most money. It is very appropriate to budget for your tea party. As things can get pricey if you're not careful. And don't forget your Tealing & Co. tea! We have amazing fall blends your guests will love.

5. Try thrift stores for tea cups & Tea pots

Purchasing brand new tea cups can become extremely expensive. Especially if having a larger group of guests over for your tea party. Try your local thrift stores and be flexible with your theme. When shopping thrift stores for tea cups, they may not all match so get creative with it! Maybe stick to a theme such as florals or at least purchasing cups that have one to two themed colors in their design. For me, that was gold and silver. 

6. Don't exclude disposables 

I was so happy to have stumbled upon Smarty had a Party! This is where I shopped all of my dining wear and linen napkins for my event. Smarty had a party, also has decor items that will help bring your tea party to life! 

8. Decorate

This is what leads me into my next point. Make sure to decorate. There are so many ideas you can get via Pinterest that will help you in your tea party decor. Seeing that this is a fall tea party, use nature as inspiration. Get creative and inspired! Your guests will enjoy the thought you put into it. 

7. Don't forget the tunes

One thing I remember leaving off of my list was music! You want to create a playlist in advance for your tea party based off of your theme or at least a Pandora station that makes sense for the tea party. 


Don't forget to entertain your guests. Speak to each table, make sure they are enjoying the tea party and that their tea water is hot! Tips on this is to either invest in a tea pot for each table with a candle warmer underneath or to have a hot water dispenser somewhere in the room for ladies to easily get to in order to get more water. Would be a great added point to have a little cousin offer their assistance during your tea party to help guest with hot water or anything they may need. 

10. thank guests for attending

Close out your tea party by thanking all guests for attending verbally. If you're using tools such as paperless post or to send out your invitation, both mediums give you the option to generate an automatic thank you to all of your guests typically 24 hours after the event. If its a celebratory tea and gifts were given, it may be best to send out personalized hand written cards to all guests who attended. 


Well, we sure hope that this post is helpful. We'd love to see how your fall tea party turns out. Be sure to mention us in your post #tealingco .Thanks for stopping by!